Vaughan candidate selling advertising space on campaign lit

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I have never seen anything like this. Vaughan candidate, Tony Genco, is handing out campaign literature hawking advertising opportunities. It raises many questions, not the least of which being whether this is even allowed under elections law.

But it does appear that the Genco campaign may be hard up for dough. I guess phony Tony’s fundraising isn’t going so well.



Tory candidate Tracey Weiler: Not a Tim Hudak fan

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At Monday night’s crucial Kitchener-Waterloo candidates’ debate, star PC candidate Tracey Weiler is asked if she supports Tim Hudak’s “right wing conservative agenda.” Her frosty answer: “I’m not here to defend Tim Hudak.” That’s right, she’s running for a guy she refuses to defend.

And, as an aside, to the person who is prepping her: You have much work to do.

One of these candidates is not like the other: Vaughan edition

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On the left, Tony Genco, Liberal turned Hudak appointed Conservative in Vaughan. He’s up against Steven Del Duca, a long time Vaughan community advocate. The choice is clear – and so, unfortunately for Tony, is the perspiration.


Tony Genco is the Ontario PC candidate in Vaughan

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Ah, the dog days of summer. Nothing like a couple of byelections to get you back in business.

I figured that since Genco already lost as a Liberal and then lost again as a Tory that he’d take a shot with the NDP this time. But nope, he’s again carrying the Tory banner.

Forgive me for not being worried about this riding. Looks like my friend Steven Del Duca is getting the grit nod – he’s a great guy and a great choice.

Good luck, Tony, you’re going to need it.

Hudak found a new way to get cozy with the pro-lifers

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Remember the white paper, about flexible labour markets, that the MIA Ontario PC leader, Tim Hudak, released last month? If you didn’t, don’t sweat it. No one else gave it much thought either.

Or, at least I didn’t until reading this, from the Tories’ bosom buddy, the anti-choice Lifesite:

Calling for “worker choice reforms” this Tory initiative would allow employees to opt out of unions. Thereby limiting the amount of funding that goes to pro-choice organizations.

Last summer a number of feminist bloggers, myself included, demanded that Tim Hudak clearly state his position on abortion and whether he would defund it. He refused. He refused again and again throughout last fall’s election campaign, too. We still don’t know what Hudak would do were he to ever be elected premier of this great province. (I know, when pigs fly, hell freezes over, etc.)

All I know if when you’ve made pro-life, anti-choice zealots happy, you’re doing something very, very wrong.

Tory MP Rob Anders is a “great Canadian”

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Well, according to Kory Teneycke he is. Current subject matter aside, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that Anders, who once called Nelson Mandela a “terrorist”, is a “great Canadian” or “principled.”

I like Kory. For a dirty, rotten Tory, he’s a good guy. Questionable judgement maybe, but a good guy nonetheless.

Feel like reading more about the narcoleptic, gun loving Anders? Check it out here, here and here.


Bev Odour

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So, now we learn that the former minister has been smoking in her offices.

Just for the record, she’s not the only MP or senator to break the no smoking rule but probably the only one stupid enough to expense the air purifier used to cover up the stench.

As seen on the 401

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The last remaining Harper supporter left in Canada.


Unsurprising that Brazeau used sexist insult to attack female reporter

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See for yourself, here. What is surprising that that PMSH appointed this knuckle dragging, self absorbed narcissist to the Senate in the first place.

The story of his childish bullying of a reporter doing her job is here.


It’s not abuse, it’s politics

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For good or for bad, politics is a rough and tumble world. It’s like extreme sports for those of us adrenalin junkies who have an aversion to physical pain.

Last week saw Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath whining that she was abused and bullied by the Grits, and that her gender was the reason. It wasn’t. She was treated exactly like a man would’ve been had he pulled the same shit Horwath did.

As a general rule, I don’t agree with Sun media but Adrienne Batra’s comments about Horwath were bang on:

“What turns people off [politics] is a disingenuous statement from a female politician about suffering abuse, which belittles women who have actually suffered real physical and emotional abuse.”

Horwath exploited her gender throughout the entire fall campaign, which was pathetic bordering on the absurd. And now she’s doing it again. It’s time to show Ontarians that she’s more than a skirt and high heels.