It’s not abuse, it’s politics

Posted in Uncategorized by gritchik on June 24, 2012

For good or for bad, politics is a rough and tumble world. It’s like extreme sports for those of us adrenalin junkies who have an aversion to physical pain.

Last week saw Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath whining that she was abused and bullied by the Grits, and that her gender was the reason. It wasn’t. She was treated exactly like a man would’ve been had he pulled the same shit Horwath did.

As a general rule, I don’t agree with Sun media but Adrienne Batra’s comments about Horwath were bang on:

“What turns people off [politics] is a disingenuous statement from a female politician about suffering abuse, which belittles women who have actually suffered real physical and emotional abuse.”

Horwath exploited her gender throughout the entire fall campaign, which was pathetic bordering on the absurd. And now she’s doing it again. It’s time to show Ontarians that she’s more than a skirt and high heels.


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