Hudak found a new way to get cozy with the pro-lifers

Posted in Uncategorized by gritchik on July 19, 2012

Remember the white paper, about flexible labour markets, that the MIA Ontario PC leader, Tim Hudak, released last month? If you didn’t, don’t sweat it. No one else gave it much thought either.

Or, at least I didn’t until reading this, from the Tories’ bosom buddy, the anti-choice Lifesite:

Calling for “worker choice reforms” this Tory initiative would allow employees to opt out of unions. Thereby limiting the amount of funding that goes to pro-choice organizations.

Last summer a number of feminist bloggers, myself included, demanded that Tim Hudak clearly state his position on abortion and whether he would defund it. He refused. He refused again and again throughout last fall’s election campaign, too. We still don’t know what Hudak would do were he to ever be elected premier of this great province. (I know, when pigs fly, hell freezes over, etc.)

All I know if when you’ve made pro-life, anti-choice zealots happy, you’re doing something very, very wrong.


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