Nothing says respect for students like a Nazi salute

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Don’t get me wrong, I love a good protest. I have both organized them and demonstrated in others. I’ve even been part of a sit-in, in which we students took over the university President’s office to protest tuition hikes.

I’ve demonstrated in favour of choice. And I’ve taken my children to pro-life rallies to protest against those who wish to take my choice away.

I will continue to fight for our collective Charter right, freedom of peaceful assembly – which is different from “freedom to smash windows with garbage cans.” And I will always speak out when I feel passionately about something.

But this image from the Quebec protests… This makes me sick.



If this doesn’t make you quit, nothing will.

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When my boy, not much older than this one, begged me to quit smoking, I did. All it took were these words: “Mommy, who’s going to love me if you die?”

This makes the Ontario Legislature look almost dignified. Almost.

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Mass loss of critical faculties

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A friend of mine passed along Andrew Coyne’s tweet, below. People, along with Coyne, like Paul Wells and Emmett Macfarlane, should remember that a guy is dead. Killed by a psycho. And then dismembered. On the Internet.

I don’t think his family is finding these tweets particularly fucking funny.


UPDATE: Add Tabatha Southey and Steve Faguy to the list.

Ignorant, hateful pastors make me “puking sick”

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If you aren’t familiar with Pastor Worley, watch this sermon of his in which he calls for the concentration, and death, of “queers and homosexuals.”

Yes, you heard it right. Worley also said that this November he “ain’t gonna vote for a baby killer and a homosexual lover.” And if you ever wondered what kind of people support this vileness, check it out below.

C’mon, can’t these assholes be charged with hate crimes? Something.

Richard Branson: Classless

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What a dick.

B.C.’s premier needs to keep better company.

In the wilds of cottage country

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On my way up to see Champ, this just happened.

The scene: GC filling a jug of water in a small town grocery store.

Guy, late forties: “Sweetheart, do you want carry out?”

Gritchik, small pause until I realize he doesn’t work there: “No, thank you.” Teeth are gritted.

Guy’s buddy: “She’s little enough you could carry her right outta here.”

General guffawing ensues. Also, I’ve never been called little before.

Moral of the story: Women don’t like this. We feel threatened, not flattered. Just, don’t.

Let the Tory anti-choice floodgate open

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Bristol Palin gives morality lessons to the President. Let the jokes begin now.

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I didn’t know that Bristol Palin, dancing queen and daughter of the dumbest woman in politics, hadn’t yet faded into blissful obscurity. But the anti-premarital sex poster child (until she had a baby while still in high school) for the GOP has a blog folks!

And on her blog, she decides to lecture the American President on how he should raise his kids. Sarah’s daughter has this to say:

Please, I beg of you, while hysterical, let’s not get side-tracked by Miss Palin’s grammar issues. Moving on…

She continues to say that “…dads should lead their family in the right way of thinking.”

I know Bristol’s young and I should be kind, but when you’re the daughter of a former Republican vice presidential candidate. When you’ve appeared on a reality television program. When you, cough, are a published author. And when you’ve admonished the President for one of the greatest declarations he’s ever made, you, young Bristol, have a big target on your back.

Bristol Palin is a hypocrite. Not only is she condemning Obama’s support of same sex marriage, she is chastising him for not promoting mainstream family values. Her choices, I would suggest, haven’t been exactly “traditional.”

Bristol also criticizes the president for wanting to change “thousands of years of thinking about marriage.” ;Someone should remind our young blogger that it wasn’t that long ago when inter-racial marriage was forbidden in the states. Although I’m fairly certain she would’ve argued against that, too.

At the end of the day, Obama did the right thing. And Bristol, well, soon enough it will be “Bristol, who?”

Now this is how a politician should apologize

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Politicians who’ve done wrong apologize so often, and with such insincerity, it’s no wonder that the people are so cynical. I mean, really, who believes that International Development Minister Bev Oda really, really felt badly for drinking a $16 glass of o.j. and staying at an exclusive – and massively expensive – hotel so she could have a smoke.

But every once in a while a politician apologizes in a way that makes me think he’s truly sorry. And not just sorry for getting caught. Windsor City Councillor Al Maghnieh not only accepts responsibility but he bares his soul to his family, friends and constituents vowing never to do it again and promising to work hard to regain their trust.

Despite his misdeeds, I don’t know too many people who would have the courage to do what he did with this public apology. Very brave.